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    Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
    9:07 am
    Happy Anniversary to me!
    Five glorious years! 

    That is how long I have been divorced and I haven't regretted a moment of it.

    Many thanks to all my friends. It is amazing how something like a divorce shows you who your friends TRULY are.
    Friday, March 27th, 2009
    1:39 pm
    Crack fic at its crackiest!
    Here is a book I absolutely MUST read: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austin. Mr. Grahame-Smith has inserted zombies into the world of Darcy, Elizabeth, and Mr. Bingley. Here's hoping the zombies get Mr. Collins.

    An excerpt: "Mr. Darcy cut the two zombies with savage yet dignified movements. He then made quick work of beheading the slaughtered staff, upon which Mr. Bingley politely vomited into his hands."

    I cannot wait to find this book and, pun intended, devour it!

    PS: Tweak is saying "It was love to me".

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    Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
    9:01 pm
    Happy New Year
    Dear Flist,

    First and foremost, I miss everyone. I know I have not been around for several months. I do pop in and out and try to keep up with things, but have been very bad at commenting.

    This year has been very good and very hectic. I am in the financial world so needless to say that the past few months have been nothing short of crazy. Lots of long restless nights.

    My older son graduated from high school and started college. All that is great except that he has to come home every weekend to see the girlfriend. And because he is a freshman he doesn't have a car at school. so guess who picks him up on Fridays?!

    My younger son started high school and is very involved, which is great. It also means lots of behind the wheel time which is not so great. (Nothing that any other parent has not experienced)

    I had major surgery this summer.  All is well and had a fairly speedy recovery, but that speed kept me from being online much.

    But the major part of this year is that I have found someone very special. As I have said in other posts, I had been through a LONG dry spell, but all of that was broken once I met John. And I have to give credit where credit is due. These two ladies set me on the path. So all my love and thanks to [info]vamphileand [info]not_yet_defined. Last New year's Eve, Vamp had established a chat room that was lots of fun. Great conversations by lots of folks and we all got to celebrate New Year's several times. In one of those conversations, Ny was talking about her experiences as a sub in a BDSM relationship. She was very open and answered all sorts of questions.  She even provided links to several websites. Well, I had long had bondage fantasies and figured that if I didn't act now I never would. 

    As luck would have it, there was a local BDSM group that was having a munch on Jan. 3. A munch is a meeting in a local restaurant, no play, just a social gathering. So I went, and met several very nice people who didn't think I was off my rocker. Two weeks later was another munch and that is when I met John. The group's first party at the dungeon was an eye opener for me. First of all I was scared shitless walking into "that place". I felt sure that i was going to be killed and no one would ever find my body! No shortage of drama queen in me! But I went in, and had a wonderful time. John gave me my first spanking and it opened a whole new world for me. I started going down almost every weekend and once John and I got together I am there every week. We have our own room at the house and the mistresses are great. Now if my children would only warm to him all would be good.

    So Happy New Year dear flist. Even if you don't see me, I am here. You are all very dear to me and I do hope to have time to get back in the swing.


    Current Mood: content
    Monday, August 25th, 2008
    8:10 pm
    Happy Belated Birthday
    A very happy, if a bit late, birthday to [info]vamphile. I hope you had a really great day.

    Monday, August 18th, 2008
    6:47 pm
    Spam comments
    Has anyone else been getting a lot of spam comments on their posts? Over the past two days I have received 10-12 spam comments ranging from porn to computer games to things written in both Greek and Russian so I have no idea what they are selling.

    How do I stop these? I would hate to have to lock my journal but if I have to I will.

    Help!!  And thanks.
    Thursday, August 14th, 2008
    10:43 am
    Silly joke
    Q: Why are New Yorkers always depressed?

    A: The light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey!

    Dumb I know but hope it makes you smile. Have a great day!!
    Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
    9:52 pm
    Panda Porn!!
    OMG, how low will NBC go? My 15 year old and I are watching the Olympics and they just did one of their filler segments, this one on pandas. The Brian equivalent in the panda world is Lu Lu, and they detailed his regimen to keep him at his sexual best. That includes panda porn! 

    Now, I am very glad that pandas are mating because we need baby pandas, but do I need to know that panda porn really exists? Or that it apparently works? Thanks NBC, TMI.

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    Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
    10:53 am
    Medical update
    My thanks to all on my flist who sent love and good wishes during my recent visit to the magic castle. I am home now, the surgery went well, and best of all Percoset! 

    But it is wonderful to be home, take a shower, and have pet therapy. Plus no one coming in every 3 hours to take my temp and BP. Who can sleep in a hospital?

    Thanks again to my flist, HUGS to you all. Now off to read porn. Almost better than drugs!
    Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
    6:27 pm
    Medical update

    I get to visit the magic castle tomorrow for a total hysterectomy. Yay, fun stuff. The good news is that there is no cancer, at least right now. But I have been bleeding like a stuck pig for 3 months. And even a D&C didn't help. I have poly cystic ovaries that are so far benign but will become malignant at some point. I have a uterus that is growing, and cervical cancer is in my family. So I am losing the whole shebang tomorrow. i will not be around until Sunday or so, but when I do get home I'll need porn!

    I have not reading

    [info]qaf_retreadso that I would have lots of great porn to keep me company. And I'll probably spam you as well.  You have been warned!



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    Current Music: stomach grumbling, but can't have food :(
    Monday, June 30th, 2008
    9:39 pm
    Happy Anniversary!
    I have now been divorced for four glorious years! Best thing I have ever done except for having my children. And as my mother so eloquently said, "He is still such an asshole!" She also told me that in shorts the ex looked like Humpty Dumpty with hairy legs. I do love my mother.

    ION, had a D&C on Thursday. It worked, sorta. Started bleeding again on Sunday, but not horribly. I am on medication that has stopped it and got the news from my gyno that the pathology came back benign.  I see her again tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted.
    Monday, June 23rd, 2008
    8:48 pm
    I'm not dead yet!
    I know I have been absent for the past couple of weeks, a lot has been happening, both good and bad.

    I'll keep you posted and hope to be around more. I miss my flist!

    Sunday, June 15th, 2008
    4:12 pm
    A blast from the past

    I received a call yesterday from a woman I have not seen since 1968! She is from England and her father was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery.  She now lives in DC and works for the London Times and is covering Barak Obama. She fondly remembers her time at the Montgomery Academy and I was one of three people she really wanted to contact. I must say that I am amazed that she remembers me and flattered at the same time.  I do remember her, and I think that we teased her about her accent.  Third and fourth graders are very cruel! We had a good but brief talk, she is going to visit the school this week and then she wants to have a longer talk.  I cannot wait to hear from her again. There are people who drift out of our lives and we think that our paths will never cross, and i am so glad that ours has.

    cross posted to LJ

    Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
    12:06 pm

    I have a question for my very wise and savvy flist: What do I wear to bed this weekend when I am away with my beau? I am 49, I cannot call him my boyfriend! I normally sleep in a t-shirt but I think that might be too casual. I am not the lacy peignoir type of gal either. Nothing long, I hate the way it bunches up. So... HELP!!

    I know this may sound slightly ridiculous, but can I tell you how long it has been since I have been away with a man? Husband doesn't count, so lets just say I was still in college. Yes, I am freaking out a bit, and it is slow at work which is why I am able to post. I really am a bit nervous about this; the whole weekend together thing. It took me long enough to find someone so I don't want to blow it. On the other hand, I would rather find out now before I have much invested if things are not going to work out.

    OK, time to  do some deep breathing exercises then walk the parking lot during lunch to burn off energy.

    Thursday, May 1st, 2008
    8:55 am
    A quote from my mother
    I love my mother more than words can say and this is just one of the reasons. This is what she says to me every May 1:

    Hooray hooray for the first of May
    Outdoor fucking starts today!

    Of course she is in Alabama which is a bit warmer than NJ but I do appreciate the sentiment. I hope all of you get in a little outdoor activity today.

    Happy May 1!
    Friday, March 28th, 2008
    11:31 am
    I am a Southerner and very proud of that fact. That being said, today when someone gave their address as Stonewall, it was not the general I thought about, it was the Stonewall Inn and the beginnings of the gay rights movement.

    OK, back to work now.
    Sunday, March 16th, 2008
    1:23 pm
    The end of the dry spell!
    YAY! My dry spell is over! Details under the cut.

    In other good news, I saw the first crocuses this morning. Spring must be on the way
    Thursday, February 28th, 2008
    8:06 pm
    My Date update
    Thanks to all who gave me encouragement, it really did help.

    Anyway, we met at a local pub that I recommended, sort of home turf for me. I was a bit nervous even though we had spent some time together, but always with other people around. Well, I had a great time. We talked for almost three hours: we covered British comedies, movies, Elvis, lightly on politics, some history, just lots of things.  And I felt very at ease. I know I will see him again, and we'll see how things progress. I would be nice if I could break my long dry spell! :))

    I did tell my older son that I was on a date. He seems to be OK with it, but did admit that it was a bit strange to think that his mother is dating. I have not told me younger son. He would just go straight to his father, and i really don't want to deal with the questions and innuendo from my ex. Not to mention the jealousy. If we have several dates then I'll say something.

    But I'll keep you posted.

    4:39 pm
    Someone wants my son!
    My son got his first college acceptance letter today! I don't know who is more excited but I think it may be me. That is until I realize just how much this is going to cost. This is his second choice as far as colleges go, but that overwhelming pressure of waiting has greatly diminished. And he will be at college next year. WOOT!
    Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
    11:47 pm
    OMG I have a date!
    I am so very nervous about this. I haven't had a first date since 1979 when I started dating my ex. I have been out in a group situation with this guy a couple of times, we met at a singles group, so I know a bit about him. But this time it will just be us. And I have to meet him right from work.

    And of course the ex louses things up by having the boys over tonight instead of tomorrow as scheduled. They are old enough to be on their own, 17 and 15, but I don't know if I should tell them it is a date. Maybe I should say I am just out with friends.

    Maybe I should just deal with it and go to bed. Sounds like a plan.


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    Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
    8:35 pm
    Our government at work
    I received this from my sister, a travel agent. It speaks volumes about the brain trust in Washington. Very funny but it makes you wonder!

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